Life Sciences

Perhaps no sector of industry faces a greater need for comprehensive competitive intelligence than Life Sciences, particularly Pharmaceutical companies and Healthcare providers. The enormous cost, risk and timelines associated with drug discovery and marketing means that every decision, from product planning to introduction to maturity, requires detailed information from numerous sources.

Find out what QL2 can do for the Life Sciences professional:

Three of the top 5 global Pharmaceutical companies have already discovered the benefits of using QL2. Affordable, flexible, on demand competitive intelligence is critical to maximizing the return on their R&D investment in a fiercely competitive and heavily regulated marketplace. QL2 provides Life Sciences clients with a broad range of information:

  • Regulatory:  Clinical trials, FDA filings, patents, adverse events
  • News:  News & journal monitoring; grants & funding (who is funding what)
  • Pricing:  Retail drug pricing, formulary monitoring
  • Opinion:  Relationships between pubmed articles; who is being referenced in each illness category
  • Supply Chain Management:  Biological component pricing and revenue management
  • Other:  Patent databases, physician tracking, blog extraction, sentiment analysis

Healthcare Pricing & Competitive Intelligence

Healthcare companies feel the pains associated with the day-to-day costs of delivering patient care and drugs. Insurance companies and providers need a current picture of the relationship between their costs, their prices and those of their competitors. QL2 supplies the information that drives key decisions, such as:

  • Health plan pricing
  • Formulary monitoring
  • Physician locator & tracking
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