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Anna, Retail Petrol Analyst

"In the hyper competitive petrol markets, a single euro can mean the difference between staying true to your marketing promises and leaving money on the table.

QL2's Data Access for Petrol gets us the competitive intelligence we need to make price changes with confidence and speed.

QL2 helps us build market views at the station level to over 8,700 stations across Germany. With data collections at peak market hours I know the data I get give us the most accurate and broadest view of the market.

QL2 makes the data manageable for me so I can act on it now. I can get data by brand, hour, location, petrol type and price. I can even build out the competitor sets I define to make sure I'm focused on only those station I know that impact my pricing.

And best of all the solution has paid for itself. My return on investment was in months, not years. At a 70% savings from the manual method we used in the past, we now have data that is more timely, more accurate and more observations."

QL2 can help.

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