Information Providers

The power and flexibility of the QL2 Platform drives the services we deliver to our end user clients, but QL2 is also trusted by some of the world’s most recognized names in information providers and market research firms to enhance their own offerings and profit margins.

Find out what QL2 can do for the Information Providers professional:

Those traditional industry leaders who have enlisted the services of QL2 did so because they saw the need to respond to significant challenges in their rapidly changing business environment. These challenges primarily include:

  • Differentiating products on speed, depth and quality
  • Leveraging the Internet as a data source
  • Managing the cost of data collection and aggregation

Highly respected market research companies are steadily losing market share to those who can deliver the flexibility, speed and cost-efficiency of manageable data on demand.

The good news is that the solution to these challenges is not exclusive to the biggest names in the information providers industry. You, too, can supercharge your business model by using QL2 technology to:

  • Improve Datasets – Offer customers better, more complete or different data by leveraging QL2’s innovative recognition and capture technology
  • Increase Speed – Deliver updates at the speed of the Web, satisfying your customers’ need for real-time market information
  • Reduce Costs – Decrease or eliminate reliance on manual and third party data acquisition
  • Expand Offerings – Create more robust product lines by leveraging QL2's billions of data points

Data Aggregators, Content Providers and Syndicated Research services can all benefit from the ability to access QL2's on demand data platform directly, at any time.

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