Competitive pressures in the Energy markets require organizations to constantly seek first-mover's advantage while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies of back office operations. Large scale organizations and a magnitude of mutually exclusive data sources can make these pressures difficult to manage.

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QL2's technology and services bridge these difficulties. Major integrated oil and gas companies have discovered QL2's services could allow them to integrate many times more market data while at the same time removing millions in re-occurring expenses.

QL2's WebQL technology provides a coherent integration framework hedge funds and commodity traders rely on for their internal and external data source regardless of type and format. Highly configurable, WebQL works with CTRM and ETRM systems over any commodity, market, or geographical region. IT managers improve their integration capabilities by leveraging WebQL's efficiency and cost effectiveness. Traders and analysts are able to take the disarray out of their data with improved flexibility.

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EnergyGPS has partnered with QL2 Software to offer its patented technology WebQL to the ETRM market. They bring valuable real time application to the energy commodity multi-faceted arena. EnergyGPS' experience includes work in wholesale natural gas and electricity markets, regulated and deregulated retail energy markets, project development, energy data and information systems, carbon and renewable energy markets, and energy policy analysis.

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